c, co, and country Code

For United States / US:
c = US
co = United States
countryCode = 840

I am writing this because I am a bit surprised that I couldn’t find this information quickly through a quick Google Search. I am trying to populate my user’s country information into Active Directory so that Office 365 DirSync can push that info to o365 cloud when creating new users. I happen to be using FIM to populate my on-ground AD accounts and when I go to populate the country attribute(s) I realize that there are three attributes including “c”, “co”, and “countryCode”. A Google Search will turn up the fact that the “c” attribute is an ISO standard country code (duh!). Here is the official ISO source for those country codes
and here is a non-confusing streight forward version of the same thing

OK so what about the “co” and “countryCode” attribute? It seems that no one on the Interweb wants to talk about those. Everyone just says “use the ISO two letter country code”. Umm….. no. The “countryCode” attribute in Active Directory is a number field that defaults to 0 (zero) and it will not accept a ISO 3166 country code. After some digging of my own, I found that “co” is a friendly country name string, but I would assume that it’s still limited to accepted values.

Basically, I just went into the ADUC properties on a test user and modified the “Country/region” dropdown under the Address tab of the user properties. Then I went into ADSI Edit and looked at how the values of the three attributes changed when I modified that dropdown. You have to refresh ADSI Edit after each change or it will just show you the cached attribute properties.






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